Square Quick App

Square Quick have outstanding possibilities for creativity and control of various elements with borders and frames. eg shapes, rounded edges, shadow, patterns or solid color. Download app now and enjoy!

square quick

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Description: Apps Square Quick – No Crop Photo, blur photo effects art, Instagram square photo blur effect apps that are popular now. Move, rotate, scale and flip your photos and videos with ease. Use fashionable filters, pattern borders, frames, stickers and text. High resolution, print quality output.
You don’t even need a photo! You can simply make a design using background colors, patterns and border styles, then type in your message. Save to camera roll or share to social media – Instagram, email, twitter, whatsapp, facebook and other apps.
Features include:
– POPULAR GIDDY’S/EMOJIS: Add the popular emojis and giddy’s to make your photo more funny and stylish.
– POST NON SQUARE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Import photo from your Album or Clipboard, or take a new Photo with the Camera. The image will be automatically fitted to the square Instagram canvas. You can share your image right now or…
– DESIGNED BACKGROUNDS: You can choose from a variety of amazing backgrounds. We can also support using your own photos as backgrounds, and adjusting their blurriness.
– CREATIVE BORDERS: Give your image a border to make it stand out. You can keep it simple with a square, or experiment with heart, circle, many pointed stars and more. Your friends will be amazed!
– SIGNATURE: Add your own signature, so everyone can see the fun you’re having with Square Quick!
– LAYOUT: Move, rotate, scale the photo with snapping to center or edges of the canvas either turned on or off.
– NICE HASHTAGS: We designed the new hashtags page to help you to get more likes and followers on social media especially the Instagram.
Gameplay: http://squarequick.net


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